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RSS feed for podcast

What is a podcast?

The term podcast is a blend of “iPod” and “broadcast”. Podcasts are digital media files that can be downloaded automatically from a website, such as When you subscribe to a podcast, you automatically receive information updates as they become available, in this case new birdsong recordings. This eliminates the need to search for updates. For more information, see

How do I subscribe to a podcast?

As with other podcasts, you can subscribe to podcasts in various ways. Google, Yahoo, Newsgator and Bloglines, among other online service providers, offer services that can handle podcast subscriptions.

Software for listening to podcasts

In addition, there is specific podcatcher software such as iTunes or iPodder, which enable you to receive podcasts on your computer. You can also use applications like Awasu, Newzcrawler, Newsfire for Mac and Syndigator for Linux. The Opera browser distributes podcasts and RSS feeds (which are basically pure text news podcasts) for processing. Firefox offers the Wizz RSS newsreader and Sage extensions which you can use to subscribe to podcasts. The Thunderbird email program also features a built-in RSS reader, and for Microsoft there is the NewsGator add-on.