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WAP/ Mobile phone

How do I access from a mobile phone?

Our address for mobile phone access is If your mobile phone is correctly configured for WAP, all you need to do is enter A menu will appear which allows you to search either the web or our website for MP3 birdsong files. You can also choose from a small selection of sample recordings. If you have an MP3 mobile phone, you can listen to the files and download them for use as ringtones.

What is WAP?

WAP is a protocol for mobile wireless devices. Mobile phone users have long been able to access Internet contents using a WAP gateway. In addition to their web pages, websites offering this service also have special WAP pages with their own address that can be accessed from a mobile phone. Most WAP addresses look like this: Instead of HTML, these pages use WML (Wireless Markup Language) specifically designed to be displayed in a WAP browser.

Configuring your mobile phone for WAP

The settings you need to configure your mobile phone for WAP depend on your phone and on your mobile phone service provider. Please refer to your provider's website for instructions.