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Who owns the birdsong recordings?

The people who made the recordings and posted them on the Internet. Their names can be found below the name of the bird on the search result list. Click on the icon to access the relevant website.

Who owns the copyrights to the recordings?

See above. The copyright holders are listed in the search result list below the name of the bird.

Where can I find birdsong recordings for use on my own website?

The best way is to find something you like on and copy the addresses of the files. In Germany, the legality of using of other people's website contents is not clear. In my understanding, contents from other websites can be used as long as you make it clear that the contents are not yours and provide the name of the person whose recording it is. When a person makes a birdsong available online, he or she also consents to links, as this is common practice on the Internet.

What software do I need to listen to the birdsong recordings?

The birdsongs are available online in different formats. In order to listen to them, you will need the appropriate software and browser plug-ins. I recommend Winamp Media Player and the VLC Media Player, both of which can be downloaded for free.

What is a podcast?

See Service / Podcast.

Why do some birdsong recordings take longer to start than others?

The length of time it takes to download a birdsong file depends on its format. Files with names that end in .MP3, .wav, .rm, and .au vary in size and therefore take varying amounts of time to download and play. It also depends on how you connect to the Internet. A modem will always be slower than a broadband, ISDN or DSL connection.

Why does my browser tell me that a plug-in is missing?

Clicking on the icon in the search result list should start the standard player or rather the plug-in for the browser being used, and play the birdsong. If this doesn't happen, the message appears telling you the plug-in is missing. See What software do I need to listen to the birdsong recordings?

What is the player that appears on the search result page?

When a birdsong is available as an MP3 file, and the Flash plug-in is installed, the player will appear next to the name of the bird. If no player appears, the birdsong is in another format or you don't have the necessary plug-in. Click here for free Adobe Flash Player download. After you have downloaded the Installer, quit the browser, and double click on the Installer icon to continue with the installation. That's it.

I saw a bird in my garden....

If you want to know what kind of a bird it was, check out the forum or write a message yourself. you'll have more success than emailing me. There are so many bird experts out there who know more than I do.