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Whoever makes a financial contribution to the upkeep of this website will be listed as a contributor on this page, and be given space for a short text which may contain advertising. Financial support of this kind makes the development and maintenance of this site possible. is a non-profit project, and started out as a hobby in 2000. At that time, it was still very difficult to find birdsongs to listen to without going through a long search.

On average, the cost of operating this website is EUR 10.00 a month. Although I do all the work for free, website hosting and advertising cost money. This is why I started to sell CDs for a publishing house and included a web banner on the site. Sales of CDs are not something I can rely on and my commission averages about EUR 4.00 a month. Proceeds from the web banner are not worth mentioning and fluctuate, depending on the number of visitors.